Student community in Zomba mountain reforestation

February 22, 2018   Chanco Bulletin
Students planting trees on Zomba Mountain

Community service is a key aspect of Chancellor College staff and students, as they display their love for the town, its people and the environment in different ways. One of these is through concern shown for the depletion of trees on Zomba Mountain. In response, on Saturday, 17th February, 2018 the Chancellor College student community together with the Environmental Law and Justice Clinic of the Faculty of Law participated in the 2018 Tree Planting exercise which took place at the Zomba Mountain Plateau near the Queen’s View. 

The students were encouraged to engage in the exercise because of the depletion of the trees on this mountain and importance of having trees which has several advantages. For example, thriving forests contribute to the natural beauty of the country, and help in bringing rainfall, which in turn contributes to the food security to the communities and empowers them financially. Ultimately, such rainfall becomes a crucial factor in improving the economy of Malawi. During the exercise, 3500 trees were planted over an area of 3.5 hectares. We thank the Chancellor College Management for the full support, as well as the Forestry Department for allocating the plot for the tree planting activity.

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